Top reasons why you should get an iOS 17 update

Top reasons why you should get an iOS 17 update

Apple continues to bring its A-game when it comes to providing the latest upgrades, security, and safety to its users. The regular iOS update is proof that they are committed to not just improving your experience but also fortifying your defence and protecting your most sensitive data stored on your devices. In this blog, we will talk about the coolest feature in the newest iOS 17 update. 

Get multiple access by hitting the + button

Experience a smooth interface and get quick access to cameras, photos, and audio messages with a single tap.

More fun with emojis and stickers

Both are now accessible in the stickers section. Ever heard of creating fun stickers based on your photo? That sounds fun!

Catch up easily with just an arrow

Say goodbye to tiring message history searches. The catch-up arrow streamlines the process, swiftly guiding you back to unread messages, saving time and effort.

Say hello to live voicemail!

Or simply, we can call it a slide of convenience. It sends real-time transcriptions that will be automatically displayed on your lock screen, allowing you to choose whether to take or ignore the call. 

Recharge an exciting moment with Standby Mode

This cool feature is like a secret app that only comes alive when the phone is charging and left undisturbed. It brings interactive widgets that are fully customizable, making your boring charging moments exciting!

Interactive Widgets on the Go

With the latest iOs17 update, you can now check reminders, browse your playlist, or even manage tasks without opening the app—seamless and a time saver!

Typing just got smarter with keyboard updates:

Say goodbye to the long tap of the delete button when typing your faulty messages. The autocorrect feature of the newest update adapts to your style of delivering messages, while the predictive text not only predicts but can also complete your sentence. 

Facetime Takes the Center Stage

Link your iPhone to your Apple TV and watch your living room transform into a perfect spot for gathering and catching up with your loved ones! This feature is perfect for those who would love to connect on the big screens or simply create bigger memories. 

Apple has truly taken the market with its advanced development and upgrades, which often become the standard. If you wish to have assistance in upgrading your phone to iOS 17 or want to get your first iPhone, come visit our store in Geelong, and our expert technicians trained by Apple will be happy to deliver your smart choice. 


Here’s what you should know about the iPhone 15

Here’s what you should know about the iPhone 15

Apple aficionados across Australia are eagerly picking up the new iPhone 15. Because we are an Authorised Apple Service Provider we can’t help but geek on all the new things Apple provided in this release.

It now comes with a Type C Charger! 

While Apple’s iconic lightning cables have served us well and are one of its unique features, the introduction of the Type-C port in the iPhone 15 is a game-changer. This move for iPhone devices enables its users to say goodbye to the inconvenience of carrying extra charging cords and welcome a fast-charge experience! 


Say hello to the A16 Bionic Processor 

The new iPhone 15 features an A16 Bionic processor that ensures faster everyday performance, improves graphics, and boosts the overall efficiency of your device—perfect for mobile gamers out there! 


More screen time with a strong battery life 

The outstanding battery life of the iPhone 15 series is something to watch out for. Every model in the lineup offers significantly improved battery performance compared to its predecessors. This means more screen time for browsing, gaming, and capturing stunning photos.  

So, whether you’re an aspiring photographer, an all-around gamer, or simply love browsing into social world, the iPhone 15 series is truly a perfect match.  


Remarkable design 

Apple has always been known for its sleek and elegant designs, and the iPhone 15 series is no exception. With a premium build, it not only looks stylish but also feels great in your hand. This makes it the perfect companion for taking mirror selfies and showcasing your great choice in technology. 


iPhone15 is a remarkable addition to Apple’s lineup

The iPhone 15 series offers significant improvements in charging convenience, processing power, battery life, camera capabilities, and overall design. With these features, the iPhone 15 provides its users with a new standard of smartphone experience.


Check out the latest iPhone15 series in Geelong 

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