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Cloud computing – what is it and why you need it!

The cloud, cloud computing, cloud service provider – you’ve probably heard these terms but may not know what they mean. Let us introduce you to the world of cloud computing and how it can benefit your business.   

What is cloud computing?  

You may be surprised to learn cloud computing has been around for almost two decades. In fact, you may even already be using it without realising it! Netflix, Google Drive, and even social media applications like Facebook and Instagram are cloud-based applications.   

Simply put, cloud computing refers to using computing services – storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and data intelligence over the internet, also known as “The Cloud”.  

Advantages of cloud computing for business 

The usability of cloud technology is evident in our personal usage. Now let’s examine how these services are great for your business.   


With these services, you, your team and your customers can access data anywhere, anytime. Whether in the office, at home or travelling across Australia, everyone has the up-to-date information they need in real-time.    

Plus, your customers can log into their accounts to access their information if you allow it.    

Data security 24/7   

Using cloud services eliminates the need for onsite and offsite backups. All your digital data is stored in one central location in the ‘cloud’. Not only is the information easy to find, but the cloud also lowers the risk of data loss should any backup fail. Using Cloud providers will set up your data so it is continuously updated with every new piece of information you, your employees, or your customers add.  

According to Dell, companies that invest in cloud computing experience a 30% average reduction in security breaches, application outages, and other events. This stat showcases the value of cloud computing in protecting your business.  

Cost savings   

These are the two words every business wants to hear! While the initial price tag of setting up cloud services may be higher than you like, it’s important to consider the ROI of implementing these services.   

Dell reports that companies that invest in using the Cloud reduce costs by 19% on average!  

Once your business is on the cloud, you’ll save time and money on expensive hardware updates, data breaches and unforeseen expenses. Engaging a cloud computing service provider allows you to pay for only the storage and software you need to cut costs further.  

Cloud service provider in Geelong  

Cloud services can revolutionise how your business operates. From secure data access to enhanced collaboration to cost savings and beyond, there are many reasons to implement the cloud.   

As a Geelong-based cloud service provider, Geelong Technology Group is here for your business, offering cloud setups and troubleshooting. Fill out our contact form for a free, no-obligation quote, or contact our friendly team on (03) 5244 3030 to discuss getting your business on the cloud. 


two-factor authentication

Protect your business’ data from cyberattacks with two-factor authentication

In today’s world, where cyberattacks are on the rise, traditional passwords no longer provide the level of security they once did. But fear not! There’s a powerful tool that can help safeguard your business and personal digital data – two-factor authentication (also called 2FA).  

What is 2FA?  

Think of two-factor authentication as a dual security system that protects your digital assets. Documents, confidential buyer information, and employees’ record – two-factor authentication keeps your business data safe and secure from cybercriminals.  

How does two-factor authentication work?  

2FA requires you to verify your identity to access digital assets by providing two types of identification.   

The first part involves you entering a username or password. This information is sent over the internet to access a specific link or website.  

Here is where the magic happens that prevents cybercriminals from accessing your digital data and making it public. The second part of 2FA involves a push notification request sent to your mobile device or email requesting you to verify your identity with a code or fingerprint. Often a one-time, time-sensitive passcode is used to confirm a user’s identity.  

Why two-factor authentication is worth the investment  

Using the internet first, then a different channel (like a mobile) for the second verification ensures your digital data can’t be accessed by anyone but you. Even if a cybercriminal manages to break into your computer and steal your password, they can’t complete the second verification because they do not physically possess your second confirmation device.   

Cybersecurity for Geelong Businesses  

Two-factor authentication is key in a world where cyberattacks are constant. Implementing 2FA will give your digital assets, client data, and employee records an extra layer of protection, ensuring only authorized individuals can access your data.   

2FA versus MFA  

Now, before we sign off, we wanted to bring up MFA, or multi-factor authentication. MFA involves two OR MORE steps to identify you as the user. Multi-factor authentication is an even more powerful tool to enhance your digital security and protect your data.  

If you have questions on 2FA, MFA or implementing a digital safety net, contact Geelong Technology Group. Our friendly team members will happily explain and implement 2FA for your Bellarine, Surf Coast or Geelong-based business.  

Contact us today on (03) 5244 3030 or visit our shop in Belmont at 166 Francis St. Stay safe online with the team at Geelong Technology Group.