"Quickbooks or MYOB is running slow!"

"I can’t share my documents to other computers in the office?"

"Why do I get corrupt downloads all the time?"


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If any of the above sounds like a problem that you are experiencing, it could be that your network isn’t up to scratch

So, what exactly is your ‘network’? A network is a mesh of interconnected computers. It could be as simple as a modem plugged into the back of your computer, or multiple switches connected different areas full of computers in an office of a business. Either way, having quality equipment and having it cabled correctly by a professional is important.

Over time, we have come to realise that you may not always have the best setup or equipment brand appropriate for your requirements. Using the internet should be seamless. Being able to view files on multiple computers at your business is possible for all users around Geelong!

Further to this, if you need to start from scratch with some quality in wall cabling, our ACMA certified data cabler’s will be able to sort you out.

So if you’re dropping out, need a complete re-haul of your businesses infrastructure, are starting with a fresh slate and need a full install or just want a more reliable connection, get in contact today!