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Top Five Reasons to Use the Cloud

From working in our pyjamas to ordering UberEats three meals a day, 2020 was a very strange year of challenges, surprises and surprising business pivots. One of those pivots was the increased global uptake of cloud-based computing and productivity improvements. By embracing the cloud, SMBs are discovering its significant benefits, and even finding that it is now critical to their business’ ongoing success.

If you haven’t yet jumped on board, these cloud-computing perks may help send you soaring skyward…


With a workforce that is sometimes in the office, sometimes not, keeping everyone on the same page and working towards common goals is even more important. Data that is centrally maintained in a cloud solution can be accessed and updated by any employee, at any time and from anywhere, meaning that real-time collaboration is possible despite the limitations of physical distance. Teams can collaborate on shared data, meetings can be held remotely with everyone having access to the same slides, and sales teams can even check stock levels in real-time.


Cloud computing companies are investing tremendous amounts in security, with the best CSPs implementing comprehensive security frameworks that cover encryption, account security and powerful administrator controls for permissions and auditing. Whether your business is small, medium or large, it is administratively much more convenient to secure centralised data from cyber threats than data that is scattered across a suite of devices.

Cost savings

Cloud computing services are billed on a (generally monthly) pay-as-you-go basis, meaning your business doesn’t face any hefty upfront expenses to get started in the cloud. Most cloud computing platforms also provide the means to monitor and control usage information for accurate billing. Further, with the increased security mentioned above, the need to invest in multiple security tools is reduced, as is the likelihood of needing to fork out funds to rescue files and information from broken hard drives or malicious malware.

Mass storage

For many businesses, this is one of the main drivers behind moving to the cloud. Even the smallest companies – from your sole-trader business up – often need huge storage capabilities as our documents become more image- and video-heavy and the amount of files and formats we handle grows daily. Taking storage off-site – no longer worrying if our devices are slowing down because they’re so jammed full of files – is a great catalyst for converting to the cloud.


The cloud has opened up phenomenal opportunities for business organisations to grow quickly, smoothly and successfully. To scale up, new users are simply created over the cloud network. Similarly, new productivity software can be commissioned from the CSP by paying a nominal usage fee, with the new business tools available immediately.

In this often-remote, increasingly tech-driven 2021 world, cloud based computing makes perfect business sense. Flexibility and freedom are now key drivers in a business’ adaptive success, and the cloud allows these in spades.

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