Things you need to know before getting a custom-built PC gaming system

Things you need to know before getting a custom-built PC gaming system

Every gamer would agree that a custom-built PC gaming system is considered a haven. This allows you to optimise your device and get high-performance components that are tailored to your specific gaming desires. 

But before leveling up your gaming experience, remember that the level of expertise required for building a gaming PC may vary. You might want to check out these measures that you need to know before getting a custom-built PC gaming system. 


Customise-built PC gaming systems 

As a gamer, there are several factors to consider when purchasing your own gaming PC. It is best to know what you are aiming for before making a purchase. Better graphics, greater FPS, or quality overall performance – determine what your gaming needs are. Understand the important components of a gaming PC and how they affect your system. 

  • CPU – The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is referred to as the “brain” of a computer. It controls how your device is supposed to work and how fast the processor can be. Getting a more powerful processor allows your computer to think and work faster. 
  • RAM – The Random Access Memory (RAM) allows the user to simultaneously experience high-performance play while running other apps as well. In gaming, insufficient RAM may lead to a slow crawl of the game or lagging. 
  • GPU (graphics card) – The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) plays a major role in gaming graphics, performance, and the overall gaming experience. A powerful GPU improves competitive gaming criteria as it provides a smooth graphics display. 
  • Storage – Your device’s storage plays a vital role in how your system responds to game installations, downloading data, and updating the games on your device. 

These four components will have a big impact on your PC gaming system performance.  


Set your budget 

Focus on using your funds for the components that are most important to you.

You should also plan for future upgrades or enhancements when building a custom-built gaming PC. This step will allow room for future improvements as gaming technology is constantly evolving. 


Go straight to gaming experts 

The first thing when looking to purchase a gaming PC is search for “what is the best setup for a gaming PC” or simply “how to customize a gaming PC”. It’s important to note everyone has their own preferences based on what they need and what they like. 

An experienced gamer or IT professional who builds gaming PCs are also great individuals to seek advice from.  


Level up your gaming journey with Geelong 

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