What is computer networking and why do I need it?

From 1 to 1,000 computers (and more), our team at Geelong Technology Group set up home and business computer networks that run without a hiccup.

What is networking?

Broadly defined, a network is two or more computing devices joined together that communicate with each other. Whether they are joined physically with cables or via a wireless connection, a network is two (or more) devices such as computers, laptops, tablets or printers that send information back and forth between them. 

Networking technology is evolving rapidly. In the past, computer networks had to be joined by physical cables. In contrast, nowadays, networks can be wireless spread out among different locations connecting employees across Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast, Victoria, and overseas. With so many people working remotely or at home, it is essential to have a flexible yet secure computer network to keep your business safe and functioning optimally.

Why do you need a computer network for your local Geelong business?

Faster, stable internet, increased efficiency and flexibility and saving money – the advantages of networking your business computers are numerous. 

Increase accessibility and productivity

With the ability to update and save information in real-time on any networked device, you can ensure everything is up-to-date. Networked databases allow multiple users to update client information simultaneously, saving time while preventing errors.

Save money 

Cut costs by having your employees share network-connected hardware such as printers, scanners or copiers. Additionally, have the IT experts at Geelong Technology Group set up network-connected software programs (e.g. computer programs your company uses), allowing multiple users to access it simultaneously, keeping costs down while driving productivity up.

Data security

Maintain your business’ data security, no matter where your devices are used. Protect your business and ensure all access points that cyber criminals may use are protected with antivirus programs.

Flexible work arrangements 

Allow multiple people to update, edit and manage documents even if they are not in the same physical location while maintaining your company’s data security.

Get the best computer network for your business

Whether you need a complete overhaul of your business’ computer network, creating a tailor-made computer network or just want a more reliable internet connection, Geelong Technology Group is here for you. Servicing Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and surrounding regions, Geelong Technology Groups are certified IT specialists offering computer networking solutions, IT support and business server solutions. Contact our experienced IT technicians on (03) 5244 3030 or email for quality advice about computer networks.

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