Microsoft Office 2013 End of Life – what you need to know

Microsoft Office 2013 End of Life – what you need to know

Still comfortably using Office 2013? It’s time to upgrade, we’re afraid!

Support for Office 2013 will end on 11 April 2023. Less than six months away! And, just in case you were hoping for a stay of execution, Microsoft Support has stated: ‘there will be no extension and no extended security updates.’ But what does this mean for the Office 2013 individual or business user on the ground?

What does ‘end of life’ actually entail?

Most Microsoft products have a support lifecycle that lasts for a fixed number of years. Office 2013 users have now had five years of Mainstream Support, followed by close to five years of Extended Support. When this support concludes in April next year, Microsoft will no longer provide:


  • phone or chat technical support for user difficulties
  • security fixes for identified vulnerabilities
  • bug fixes or updates for software issues. 


After the EoL date, people running Microsoft Office 2013 will still be able to access and use the software, but there will be no further updates or security patches. Continued use of the software without this technical support may lead to performance or reliability issues (with the possibility of increased downtime) and increase the likelihood of security breaches by cybercriminals.

Upgrade options for Office 2013 users

With the increased risk of data security breaches, we highly recommend you upgrade Office. Microsoft offers the choice of on-premises or cloud-based upgrades:


  • Office 2021 is an on-premises, one-time purchase home or business solution tailored for PC or Mac. This option includes Microsoft support free for the first 60 days. If you’re just upgrading one or two computers, have no need for cloud storage, and just use the basic Office functions (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), you may prefer the Office 2021 option.
  • Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based suite that allows access to Office productivity apps via the cloud – making it easy to share and collaborate on documents and to work from whichever device you have available, whether that be PC, laptop, tablet or mobile. With 1TB of cloud storage, this option is Microsoft’s ‘future-proof’ upgrade, as you’ll always have access to the latest versions of Microsoft products and features as they’re released.

Benefits of upgrading from Office 2013

Just a reminder that upgrading from Microsoft Office 2013 is well worth your time and money. Updating your software will provide:

  • decreased IT costs (no custom fixes for end-of-life programs and the ability to scale up users with Microsoft 365 without setting up additional servers)
  • improved compliance (keep up-to-date with compliance regulations with the latest security patches)
  • stronger cybersecurity (those security patches will also help you defend against the newest cybersecurity threats).

Need a hand with your Microsoft Office migration?

If you’re an individual or business still using Microsoft Office 2013, it’s time to leap into the future (or at least the present!). Talk to Geelong’s IT specialists for more information or to assist you with the transition. Geelong Technology Group is a leading managed IT services provider and our team can simplify and facilitate the migration process – kickstarting your business productivity, fueled by the full benefits of up-to-date software.

Proudly servicing Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, the Surf Coast, and surrounding regions, GTG is here to help. Give us a call today on 1300 GET GTG (1300 438 484) or stop by our showroom at 166 Francis St, Belmont.

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