Phone Systems

Phone Systems

Save money with a robust yet affordable communications system

Save time and money with an all-inclusive communications package from Geelong Technology Group and get the most out of your business phone system.


Phone Systems

What makes our Phone System solutions different?

Geelong Technology Group uses state of the art VOIP technology to ensure that your Geelong or Bellarine business gets the best value rate per call. VOIP directs calls via the internet so you can stop paying rental fees for a fixed-line. Our Phone System solutions are highly-customisable, providing you with a solution that meets YOUR business’ requirements at a cost-effective price.

Phone Systems

Take business calls on the go

Have calls answered or forwarded directly to your mobile.

Geelong Technology Group's phones solution has the ability to have calls from your usual business landline number come to your phone.

We can setup filters, so important clients come straight to you. Never miss a call with Android & iOS clients.


Phone Systems

Reliability & Performance

We only use business-grade equipment to ensure that you are getting the best reliability out of your solution. Because we tailor make every Phone System Solution to your needs, we ensure that our phones solution comes within your budget. Business-grade equipment doesn't need to break the bank.

Via Geelong Technology Group's Managed Services, we are able to maintain your phone system at a fixed price to ensure maximum up-time and reliability.

Phone Systems

Digital Receptionist

Improve your productivity, save time and money every day, directing calls to the correct personnel before someone even has to pick up the phone. A Digital Receptionist can also provide high-frequency information to callers, such as your address and opening hours.

Phone Systems

Video Conferencing & Softphones

With Geelong Technology Group's Phone System solutions, you don't even need to have a phone on the desk to make and receive calls! Phone calls and video conferences can be performed via any computer.

Phone Systems

Call Queues & On Hold Advertising

Call queues are great for when you have more incoming calls than your staff can get to! During this time is a perfect way to utilise On Hold Advertising where you can tell customers about your other business services, promotions or sales you are running, etc.

This is an excellent way to get the word out.

Phone Systems

Remote Extensions

With a press of a button you can direct calls to a specific handset in another office anywhere in the world!

This means that you can centeralise your calls to one location, and have calls directed to specific people at other locations as required.
Best of all, this does not cost you or the caller any extra for non-local, out of state or international calls.


Other phone system features

Out of Hours Message Bank

In-Bound & Out-Bound Rules - This allows you to block persistent spam and scam callers.
Recorded Line - Great for Quality Assurance and staff training. Calls can be recorded to ensure that the correct information is getting to your customers.

Detailed easy to read reporting

Contacts List - Immediately recognise who is calling you by name rather than by phone number.

Geelong Technology can provide you with a custom phone system to suit your needs.


Speak with an expert today for a FREE consultation.



    Phone Systems

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