VoIP Features

Top five VoIP features for SMBs and SMEs

When it comes to up-to-the-minute business operations, connectivity is key. Your customers need to be able to find out about you (Hello, great website!), but they also need to be able to contact you. And this is where a great phone system comes in.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a phone technology that allows your business to receive and make phone calls using the internet (instead of over traditional fixed lines). As well as being incredibly cost-effective, it also comes with a side-serve of great features to boost your business connectivity, productivity and growth.

VoIP features: Find me, Follow me

With VoIP, you don’t need to be sitting at your office desk, waiting for the phone to ring. You can be … anywhere in the world! As long as you’ve got internet access and your laptop, tablet or phone, VoIP calls can reach you.


With the ‘Find me, Follow me’ dual application, your VoIP call-forwarding software will automatically try one number after another to track you down until you answer the call (or your voicemail kicks in). The beauty of this system is that the call routes from a single virtual number, connecting wherever you need it, while leaving your own private numbers, well, private.

VoIP features: automated attendant

Give your front desk staff some of their time back with an auto-attendant! Rather than an actual person answering and transferring call after call, an automated attendant acts in their stead, forwarding calls to the correct department or staff member. This virtual-receptionist feature also means your incoming caller only has to explain why they’re calling once – directly to the person they need to speak to.

VoIP features: hold music

We know, we know – hold music is the pits! But did you know that researchers have shown that more than 50% of callers will hang up in less than a minute if they’re showered with silence, compared to little more than 10% who are subjected to hold music? Leads hanging up and going elsewhere is not what you want, so remember that a little ditty can go a long way.

VoIP features: call reporting

Yes, you read that right – real-time call reporting. This is the kind of data that’s worth its weight in gold dust. Call analytics can provide a slew of data ready to be harnessed for the good of your company (and your customers). When are you busiest? Are there times when call waits are just too long? Are the bulk of your calls coming from one area (possibly indicating that your marketing in that region is hitting the spot or that you need to start marketing in other neighbourhoods)? This kind of business data can inform major company decisions – with facts rather than hunches or assumptions.

VoIP features: Voicemail transcription to email

Listening to voicemail after voicemail is tedious work. After all, there’s no way to check on the priority of each call without actually listening to the caller speak. Who should you call back first: the first caller or the fifteenth?


VoIP voicemail to email provides an emailed transcript of each phone message, meaning you can quickly glance through your messages to rank their importance without listening to them word by word. This one is a definite win for productivity!

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desk set up

Ergonomics and productivity: How your desk set-up effects your work

Imagine a place where you’re going to spend somewhere in the order of 1440 hours (or more) a year. You’d want those hours to be comfortable, right? And not too detrimental to your health? 


Welcome to … your desk set-up!


Yes – if you’re a desk-jockey of any stripe, you’re more than likely to spend more than a thousand hours a year sitting (or possibly standing) at this small piece of real estate. So, what can you do to make those hours comfortable and productive?

Key workspace ergonomics

When it comes to your desk set-up, there are a few key areas that you need to get right to ensure your health and well-being: your chair, your desk height, your monitor height, the ease to which you have access to your tools of the trade, and your lighting. You may not notice these things in isolation, but an uncomfortable chair, a messy desk or glare on your computer screen can wear you down over time.

Ergonomic tips and hints for your desk set-up

Every individual is going to have different needs when it comes to their workspace, but there are some key things to hone in on:


  • Adjust your chair and desk height so your forearms and thighs are roughly parallel to the floor, with your feet flat.
  • Position your monitor 40 to 75cm away, and ensure the top of the monitor is level with, or slightly below, your eye level.
  • If possible, aim to spend at least some of your day standing – preferably at an adjustable or dedicated standing desk. (Sitting, after all, is the new smoking.)
  • If you do have to sit – and we probably all have to at some point! – invest in a chair that provides good lumbar support and that adjusts to meet your seat depth, chair height and recline-ability requirements.
  • Place your mouse and keyboard close enough to your body that you’re not reaching for them (elbows by your sides, people!), and type with your wrists flat or angled downwards.
  • Keep bric-a-brac, personal memorabilia, tchotchkes, curios, ornaments, bibelots and whatnot to a minimum. (A cluttered desk = a cluttered mind!) Store things you need daily (a pen, notebook or water bottle, for instance) within reach and everything else off your desk.
  • Aim for natural light whenever possible (it improves mood, focus and sleep!), but ensure your monitor is not reflecting the sun’s glare.
  • Invest in some foliage plants – biophilia is big right now, and with good reason – indoor plants have been shown to boost productivity by as much as 15%.

Ergonomic computer equipment to meet your desk set-up needs


If your monitor is small and outdated – or you need a second monitor to boost your workplace productivity, the dedicated Geelong Technology Group sales team are standing by to help. We can also advise on the best desktop computer to meet your needs or assist with comfort-boosting accessories such as wrist rests, ergonomic keyboards, or rollerball or trackball mice.


Servicing Geelong and its surroundings, including Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Torquay, Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast, Golden Plains, Colac and Warrnambool, the experts at GTG are looking forward to providing comfortable solutions to help out with the next 1440 hours of your working life!


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