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A typical customer complaint we hear is that the computer used to run fast and now it’s running a lot slower. For us, it’s the usual suspects – older or known slow anti-virus components slowing down the entire computer, startup items playing havoc with the system, the operating system with services that are just plain useless, or that the components cannot keep up with the latest software – that said, it doesn’t matter if that doesn’t make sense to you that’s why we are here help.


While we speed up your computer, feel free to ask for some helpful advice on ensuring that the computer doesn’t end up that way again!


Be it HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Compaq, Dell, Sony, Samsung or something else, we’re here to help! But that's not all we do; being an Authorised Apple Service Provider, we can upgrade your Apple product or Mac too!