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Three productivity benefits of two computer monitors

Three productivity benefits of two computer monitors

Is your business after a low-cost, high-reward tech-infrastructure improvement? Then may we suggest adding a second monitor to your employee workstations! Research has shown that this simple and relatively inexpensive ‘hack’ can increase user productivity by over 40%. As well as in-office solutions, we also recommend this productivity-boosting addition for the vast now-working-from-home workforce. 

But what is it that makes two monitors better than one?

A dual-monitor setup saves time on side-by-side tasks

Referencing data from a website while editing a spreadsheet or document? Working on a remote desktop and still need your email open? Sourcing images from multiple libraries to add to a presentation? Tasks such as these, that require various documents, programs and/or workspaces, are simplified with two (or more) screens. Rather than switching between windows on one screen, having multiple screens allows for a number of full-size applications to be open at once, allowing for a natural flow of concentration.

If you need numbers to back up the narrative, a global survey of 17,000 knowledge workers found that 68% of respondents spent at least 30 minutes a day switching between applications – multiply that by your workforce and you’ve got some serious time to make up!

Multiple monitors increase workspace

Laying your paperwork out on a large desk is much easier than trying to marshal it next to the cereal bowls on the coffee table. So too with screen space – the more you have, the easier it is to get organised and to feel in control. Users can also deliberately divide tasks between the two screens for further efficiency gains – using one screen for research and the other for data entry, for instance. Finally, more workspace means that finding information is easier and faster, with more content open and displayed simultaneously.

A second monitor improves online meetings

Zoom meetings have become de rigueur for many companies. And if you’re in a meeting on one screen, but also need to access your notes, there are few things handier than a second screen! And if you’re sharing your screen for the meeting, having an additional display allows you to keep ‘personal’ items open, such as emails or sensitive statistics, without that information also being shared.

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Five cybersecurity mistakes that leave your business data at risk

It’s hard to imagine what one million dollars looks like – let alone six trillion… But six trillion dollars is the estimated cost to businesses each year worldwide due to cybercrime. If you’d prefer your business didn’t become a part of this staggering statistic, read on…

Mistake 1: Assuming you’re not a target

Whether small or large, businesses in virtually every industry are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Just because you’re a little fish in a big pond doesn’t mean you can’t get hooked. Indeed, smaller organisations are more likely to have gaps in their security protocols. And that’s what cybercriminals are looking for – easy access points to valuable data. As Sophos noted in their 2021 Threat Report: ‘A lack of attention to one or more aspects of basic security hygiene has been found to be at the root cause of many of the most damaging attacks we’ve investigated.’ Again: don’t become a statistic – make security a top priority. 

Mistake 2: Not providing sufficient training

Ah, humans…we’re prone to making mistakes. In fact, more than 90% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. Training is required to develop a company culture of good cybersecurity, and that training should be implemented throughout the year, not just as a one-off event that’s quickly forgotten. A data breach can happen due to a huge range of user actions; from using weak passwords to downloading infected email attachments. The more you provide your staff members with key IT security know-how, the less likely it is that ‘simple’ breaches like these will happen.

Mistake 3: Not employing multi-factor authorisation (MFA) 

Strong passwords are great, but if your password is phished or smished or detected through a ‘password spraying’ attack, your account or business is immediately vulnerable. According to recent research, 99.9% of automated malware attacks against Windows systems can be prevented through MFA implementation. The good news is that multi-factor authentication solutions are relatively inexpensive and often easy to deploy, providing quick and effective protection to individual users and your wider company network.

Mistake 4: Failing to update software

So, you’ve done your research, you’ve paid your money and you’ve equipped your business with a ‘fool-proof’ firewall and some high-end security software. And then you’ve…assumed you’re covered forever. Updates may seem tedious, but they can do a lot towards keeping your devices, software and data secure. As well as removing or fixing bugs and patching holes or security flaws, updates do what they say on the box – they update your software to add new features, replace outdated technology and help keep hackers out.

Mistake 5: Failing to back up regularly

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: catastrophes do happen. Even with understanding, education and an oft-updated web of security solutions, there are still instances of cybercriminal breaches and data loss. Backing up your data regularly (preferably daily!) provides peace of mind; and the ability to quickly fix, restore and restart your business should the worst occur.  

Take cybersecurity seriously – give Geelong’s IT security experts a call

SMBs beware – the leading threats to the cybersecurity of your business are the mistakes you’re liable to make. When did you last review the strength of your defences? Provide training to your staff? Back up your data? If ‘some time ago’ is the answer to any of these questions, now is the time to patch those defence holes! Our team at Geelong Technology Group can walk you through your options and tailor a multifaceted solution that uniquely meets your security needs. Don’t delay – contact our experienced IT professionals today.


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