advantages of remote services

3 advantages of remote IT support service

Documents or receipts not printing?

Laptops running slow?

Merchandise program not working correctly?

Technical issues can cost businesses thousands of dollars in lost sales and productivity, not to mention cause frustration and headaches for customers and employees. 


While large businesses have the luxury of an in-house, IT person, your sole proprietorship or 20-person shop may not. A straightforward solution to your technical woes is to engage a company for remotely managed IT support.


Remote IT support

Remote or off-site IT support is a service that allows IT, professionals, to diagnose and repair computer devices or computer programs remotely through the internet. Trained IT technicians will access the problematic device with a secure, online program via the internet while speaking with you or your employee on the phone to explain what they are doing. While on the phone, the IT technicians will take control of your device while you watch, updating, fixing or repairing whatever your technical woe is to have you up and functioning quickly and securely.


Benefits of remote IT support service

As a small or medium-sized business in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula, you may not need IT support regularly enough to hire a dedicated IT support person; however, you still need IT support when issues crop up. 


1/ Convenience 

Engaging a managed IT service allows you and your employees the opportunity to contact the company for IT support when needed. When a computer system or device goes down, you need support quickly; remote IT support is a great way to have an IT professional troubleshoot your issues, so you are back up and running quickly. 


2/ Availability

Travelling to Melbourne for work and your laptop won’t connect to the organisation’s devices to show your presentation? No problem, just pick up the phone and call your remote IT service company. Trained IT technicians can troubleshoot your IT issues and connect your device quickly. 


3/ Cost

Get the convenience of in-house IT support without the overhead with managed IT services. Tailor-made, flat-rate IT service agreements for your Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula business are available from Geelong Technology Group. With no surprise bills, you will know exactly your IT support and maintenance costs to manage your business budget better.


Managed IT services for Geelong & Bellarine Peninsula

With tailor-made flat-rate IT service agreements for businesses and sole proprietorships, the experts at Geelong Technology Group are available for remote or in-person IT support when your business needs it. Whether you are in Geelong, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Torquay or across Victoria in Wangaratta the experts at Geelong Technology Group can help. 


Get 24/7 system monitoring, backup & recovery support and network security tailored specifically to your business needs. Gain peace of mind knowing your IT assets, employees and yourself are taken care of should technical issues arise. Give Geelong Technology Group a call on (03) 5244 3030 to discuss what your business needs in terms of IT support. 

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