iPhone Model

Display Replacement

Battery Replacement

Whole Unit Replacement

iPhone 13 $439.00 $109.00 $699.00
iPhone 13 Mini $359.00 $109.00 $699.00
iPhone 13 Pro $439.00 $109.00 $859.00
iPhone 13 Pro Max $519.00 $109.00 $939.00
iPhone 12 $439.00 $109.00 $699.00
iPhone 12 Mini $359.00 $109.00 $629.00
iPhone 12 Pro $439.00 $109.00 $859.00
iPhone 12 Pro Max $519.00 $109.00 $939.00
iPhone 11 $309.00 $109.00 $629.00
iPhone 11 Pro $439.00 $109.00 $859.00
iPhone 11 Pro Max $519.00 $109.00 $939.00
iPhone X
$439.00 $109.00 $859.00
iPhone Xs
$439.00 $109.00 $859.00
iPhone Xr
$309.00 $109.00 $629.00
iPhone Xs Max
$519.00 $109.00 $939.00
iPhone 8
$249.00 $79.00 $569.00
iPhone 8 Plus
$279.00 $79.00 $629.00
iPhone 7
$249.00 $79.00 $489.00
iPhone 7 Plus
$279.00 $79.00 $569.00
iPhone 6s
$249.00 $79.00 $449.00
iPhone 6s Plus
$279.00 $79.00 $449.00
iPhone SE (2nd Gen) $219.00 $79.00 $439.00
iPhone SE (Gen 3) $219.00 $79.00 $479.00

What do I need to do before bringing my device in?

Follow these steps before you bring your device in store for your appointment. If your device won't turn on or respond, finish as many steps as possible:

  1. Back up your iOS device.
  2. Have your Apple ID password ready. For some repairs, you'll need your Apple ID password to erase your device and turn off Find My iPhone.***
  3. Bring your sales receipt (if possible), in case your service requires proof of purchase.
  4. Bring your device and any accessories that you need help with.
  5. Bring a form of personal identification, like a driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued ID.


Software Troubleshooting

Sometimes it can be a simple solution that does not require a visit that can get your device back up and working again. Performing some of the steps below prior to bringing it to us is recommended.

Try turning it off and on again
It may seem simple, but restarting your device by fully powering it off and then back on does resolve a lot of minor issues. Trying this before bringing the device in often saves a lot of red faces, so is of course recommended.

Plenty of issues can be caused by software. From poor battery life, poor performance, misbehaving apps, and more. Performing a software reset will bring your device back to factory settings with fresh software. This way if there are any issues with the software on your phone, it will be erased and start again.

Click Here for information on how to perform software restores for iOS devices.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Performing a software restore WILL erase any and all data on your device. You MUST backup any important data prior to performing ANY of the below. Geelong Technology Group is not liable for data loss. Geelong Technology Group is not liable if information is incorrect, out of date, etc. Geelong Technology Group is not responsible for users actions. If you are ever unsure of how to perform any of the above, a service technician can perform this for you - fees may apply.

*Depending on the nature of your issue, there may be a fee associated with your issue. Some repairs need to be sent to Apple's Screening location. If you get in touch with us, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

**Some display replacements/repairs can take between 3-5 business days dpending on the nature of repair required. All repairs are subject to stock availability.

***If you're unable to turn off Find My iPhone, Apple may not be able to service your device. This policy is in force to prevent unauthorized persons from servicing your device without your knowledge. If you don't remember your Apple ID and Password, please go to iForgot.